A chance to live and work on an idyllic Chilean island


A paradise island located off the coast of Chile is ready to welcome teleworkers from all over the world. These people must be concerned about the environment and willing to get involved in helping the inhabitants to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the island.

With the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, we may be dreaming of escaping to a desert island. OK, maybe not a totally deserted island. Let’s say it’s a paradise island.

If you are one of those lucky ones who can work wherever you want, but also dream of adventure and want to lend a hand to the environment, then Robinson Crusoe Island may be the destination for you. you need.

Located more than 600km off the coast of Chile, this island is home to a large ecological reserve, recognized by UNESCO since 1977, and is part of the Juan Fernandez archipelago.

To increase the number of volunteers and help local communities work to preserve this natural heritage, the Chinese technology brand Lenovo is launching the “Work for Humankind” project, in partnership with the NGO Island Conservation.

The idea is to set up a technology hub on the island, with equipment such as workstations and high-speed internet, with the aim of attracting teleworkers who want to change their lifestyle and get involved. in environmental projects.

“Work for Humankind will send selected volunteers with a range of skills, backgrounds and specialties to work at their day job, from Robinson Crusoe Island, while also volunteering to help prevent species extinction endangered species and support the local community as they work towards achieving sustainability,” project organizers explain in a press release.

Hopefuls have until December 30, 2021 to register on Lenovo’s website.


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